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      The Prologue from Ochrid is a unique collection of spiritual writings for every day of the year composed by Saint Nikolai Velimirovic. St. Sergius Publishing House is pleased to offer these daily readings, reproduced with the blessing of His Grace, Bishop Maxim of Western America (Serbian Orthodox Patriarchate) for the spiritual benefit of our English-speaking visitors. May these readings enrich the life of every Christian who strives to better himself and come to a greater knowledge of life in Christ. 

Holy Father Nikolai, pray unto God for us!   

A Note from the Publishers

Brothers and Sisters,
These readings are meant for personal use and are not to be copied or republished without the written consent of the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Western America. The icons used in this publication were reproduced and translated by the St. Sergius Publishing House. These icons are meant for personal use and are not to be copied or republished without the written consent of the St. Sergius Publishing House. 

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April 6th - April 13th (New Style) March 24th - 31st (Old Style)

The readings are arranged by month according to the Old Style calendar,
with corresponding New Style dates also specified.

uary 14th - 21st (New Style) January 1st - 8th (Old Style) 
January 22nd - 28th (New Style) January 9th - 15th (Old Style)
January 29th - February 5th (New Style) January 16th - 23rd (Old Style)
February 6th - February 13th (New Style) January 24th - 31st (Old Style)

February 14th - 20th (New Style) February 1st - 7th (Old Style)
February 21st - 27th (New Style) February 8th - 14th (Old Style)
February 28th - March 7th (New Style) February 15th - 22nd (Old Style)
March 8th - 13th (New Style) February 23rd - 28th (Old Style)

March 14th - March 21st (New Style) March 1st
- March 8th (Old Style)
March 22nd - March 29th (New Style) March 9th - March 16th (Old Style)
March 30th - April 5th (New Style) March 17th - March 23rd (Old Style)
April 6th - April 13th (New Style) March 24th - 31st (Old Style)

April 14th - 21st (New Style) April 1st
- 8th (Old Style)
April 22nd - 28th (New Style) April 9th - 15th (Old Style)
April 29th - May 5th (New Style) April 16th - 22nd (Old Style)
May 6th - May 13th (New Style) April 23rd - 30th (Old Style)

May 14th - May 21st (New Style) May 1st - 8th (Old Style)
May 22nd - May 29th (New Style) May 9th - 16th (Old Style)
May 30th - June 6th (New Style) May 17th - 24th (Old Style)
June 7th - June 13th (New Style) May 25th - 31st (Old Style)

June 14th - 21st (New Style) June 1st
- 8th (Old Style)
June 22nd - 29th (New Style) June 9th
- 16th (Old Style)
June 30th - July 6th (New Style) June 17th
- 23rd (Old Style)
July 7th - 13th (New Style) June 24th
- 30th (Old Style)

July 14th - 21st (New Style) July 1st
- 8th (Old Style)
July 22nd - 28th (New Style) July 9th
- 15th (Old Style)
July 29th - August 6th (New Style) July 16th - 24th (Old Style)
August 7th - August 13th (New Style) July 25th - 31st (Old Style)

August 14th - 21st (New Style) August 1st
- 8th (Old Style)
August 22nd - 29th (New Style) August 9th
- 16th (Old Style)
August 30th - September 6th (New Style) August 17th - 24th (Old Style)
September 7th - September 13th (New Style) August 25th - 31st (Old Style)

September 14th - 20th (New Style) September 1st - 7th (Old Style)
September 21st - 27th (New Style) September 8th - 14th (Old Style)
September 28th - October 6th (New Style) September 15th - 23rd (Old Style)
October 7th - 13th (New Style) September 24th - 30th (Old Style)

October 14th - 20th (New Style) October 1st - 7th (Old Style)
October 21st - 28th (New Style) October 8th - 15th (Old Style)
October 29th - November 8th (New Style) October 16th - 26th (Old Style)
November 9th - 13th (New Style) October 27th - 31st (Old Style)

November 14th - 21st (New Style) November 1st - 8th (Old Style)
November 22nd - 28th (New Style) November 9th - 15th (Old Style)
November 29th - December 5th (New Style) November 16th - 22nd (Old Style)
December 6th - 13th (New Style) November 23rd - 30th (Old Style)

December 14th - 21st (New Style) December 1st - 8th (Old Style)

December 22nd - 28th (New Style) December 9th - 15th (Old Style)

December 29th - January 6th (New Style)
December 16th - 24th (Old Style)
January 7th - 13th (New Style) December 25th - 31st (Old Style)


Republication of The Prologue from Ochrid is forbidden without written consent from the Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Patriarchate. 
Menaion icons are not to be reproduced without written consent from the St. Sergius Publishing House.